Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Find Your Water

My Home Water .... Not (boo hoo)

Find Your Water

'Find Your Water' is a series of six short episodes around six minutes apiece that will highlight fly fishing in its various forms the across the U.S. Each episode will highligh a slightly different style of fly fishing each with various techniques and entry methods but all will feature that unique joy of landing a fish on a fly rod. The two episodes have been released and you can find them below. For future episodes be sure to check them out on the Redington Find Your Water page .

Monday, April 20, 2015

Striper In Downtown Richmond, VA

Striper Are Here!

The beginning of Shad season usually brings the Striper.  You guessed it ... one was caught. Hit my line like a freight train.   25 1/2" loaded with eggs and ready to Spawn. She was promptly returned to the James. Great Day!


Moving to high tide.  Overcast.  Chartreuse and White Clouser.  Sinking line on a 9 weight.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fly Fishing the Low Country

Shad and Reds...

This looks like a good time.  Repeat in RIchmond, VA this week. Stay tuned.
(No Reds though, substitute Strippers). Go #somestreamerchick..

Monday, March 30, 2015

South Holston River Fly Fishing

Nymphing The South Holston

The South Holston can produce a 100 fish day if everything lines up.  Certainly going with the right guide doesn't hurt.  Matt Champion, of the South Holston River Fly Shop, is that guide.  When my fishing buddy Clay Hardin and I drove up to the shop we really didn't realize we were so lucky.  We were only 9/10 that's .9 of a mile from the put in and we were going to be able to run the most productive section of the river twice that day.  What a great idea!  Matt certainly understood all the possibilities and the ins and outs of all the runs.  THis time of year it is mostly nymphing.  The water was very clear.   Matt runs a Czech nymphing style rig with three nymphs.  It works. We ended up with 65 fish for the boat and it was "a little sluggish".  We worked for every fish we caught.  The takes are very subtle and since we were using that Czech Nymphing style you had to set the hook on every strike even the false ones.

Call up Matt Champion for a trip on the SOHO.
South Holston River Fly Shop®
608 Emmett Rd.
Bristol, Tennessee 37620


Below is a a beautiful brown trout.  Brown Trout are all wild.  They only stock Rainbow's.  

Check out this beauy! You can see the part of the nymph rig we were using if you look close enough. (Clay is a star, but he is in the background on this one)

The Star of the Show Clay Hardin with a 'Bow.

Monday, March 23, 2015

2 Minute Mercury Cased Caddis

Tim Cammisa - 2 Minutes Tie

Keep it simple with a 2 Minute Tie. Tim does a great job here and this fly will catch Trout!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Shad Season Is Upon Us

Shad Are Among Us?

Getting close to fishing for Shad.  Water temperature in the James River is around 48° F and we are almost at flood stage. Sooo we have a week or two to wait.  Warmer weather and no rain would get those little puppies to scamper upstream from the sea.  While we wait we should all tie flies.

Here are some favorites:

Rob Snowhite has  some very creative and inexpensive ways to use craft store goodies to tie shad flies.  Check out his blog or buy some from his site.  They are cool!

Hook & Hackle has all the supplies and a good primer on how to identify and American or Hickory Shad.  Protruding lower jay = a Hickory Shad? I think....Click the link it is all there.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flymage Magazine

Flymage Magazine - 5 Years of Great Images

Haven't seen this on-line magazine in a while. Forgot it was out there. Their images and articles are the best.  See for yourself.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Three Loop Knots You Need To Know

Bimini Twist is the Winner!

You are not going to tie a Bimini Twist for your standard nymph setup. However, if you are going Stripper or Redfish fishing you may want to consider it.  The other knots shown are used all the time.  Rio test the knots for tensile strength and the Perfection Loop was a big surprise as to how strong it is.

Three fly fishing loop knots; how to tie them and how to join them from RIO Products on Vimeo.

Bimini Twist Can Be Used Here:  Dolphins Make There Own Loops

Strength of a knot can be put to the test....

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why Go All The Way to Patagonia?

You Can Hide in Plain Sight

And so can the Trout...There are no people for miles.  Glaciers and Mountains lead to forested valleys.  And again, there are no people for miles.   You are by yourselves in a paradise that is almost outer-worldly.  There are Trout that are not used to seeing people. Check out this film as the Trout are in Plain Sight...Let's Go!