Sunday, November 29, 2015

SIFF = Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing = Peter Laurelli

Peter Laurelli - SIFF13

Peter is a great storyteller.  His catalogue of images from SIFF13 do not disappoint. Hope, excitement, frustration and love are all displayed in his films.  We all search for an Island of Peace and Peter Laurelli shows us how he discovers his....

Saturday, November 28, 2015

For the Fly Fisher Who Has Everything .... You Need This!

Titan Rod Vault

Holiday season is upon us! I am trying to come up with some good excuse, um ideas, to convince my wife that I need a Titan Rod Vault.  A must have to carry delicate fly rods to your favorite spots.  One Titan Rod Vault Pro can carry up to three rigged rods for fast access once you arrive to fish.  On sale now at Denver Outfitters. Get one today - what a great idea!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Best Fly Casting Video's Yet

Accurate and Easy Breakdown of the cast by:

Captain Chris Myers

Capt Chris Myers' instructional videos are so good. The reasons:
  • Clear instruction
  • Video examples of common mistakes
  • The use of slow motion
  • Video example of how to cast correctly
  • The proper perspective
His casting is very economical as well as is his instruction.  I have had a lesson or two and Chris' explanations are simple to understand and illustrate.

Watch these two video's in order avoid bending your wrist and a great explanation of tailing loops.

#1 bad habit - bending the wrist.

Proper Techniques and Common Mistakes (including the one above)

Big thing to do is practice 15 minutes everyday.  With today's phone technology you can have a buddy film you in normal and slow-mo.  

Do it Today!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hatch Magazine Reports - Strip Set - How to Fish Streamers by George Daniel

George Daniel Fans -- Here's Another

Well for all you George Daniel (Dynamic Nymphing) fans out there, put down your multe nymph rigs and pick up a streamer fishing.  I heard Daniel speak on a Orvis Podcast as well as a few other ...casts and he is a very precise and passionate devote of nymphing.  He has just introduced a book on Streamer fishing.  It should be a must have on the Fly Fish book shelf.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pat Cohen's Super Fly - Inventor of Fly Tying Tools and Artistic Flies that Catch Fish!

Super Fly

Pat Cohen is an artist!  Great imagination and use of materials.  Thinking of investing in some bass bugs, well take a look at this film first.  Bloomberg Business has a short film series called MADE.   Focusing an everyday luxury products and the craftsmen behind them.

Justin Ocean and Zach Goldstein collaborate to tell a tale of Pat Cohen - ex tattoo artist become fly tying artist, material specialist and fly tying tool inventor.  

Need a Bass Bug - Look Here First!

View and Read On......

MADE - Pat Cohen Bloomberg Business

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

100th Post -- Best Salt Water Fly Fishing Resource Found To Date!

100 Posts - Dreams, Tips & Tricks, and More 

I love sharing information and for my 100th post I would like to share information on one of the best Fly Fishing websites that I have recently stumbled upon. I am sure this site has been on everyone's list for years.  I am slow.  It took me a while to find

Gink and Gasoline Love the name.  Love the content even more.

Louis Cahill and team supply great information in a lively and colorful way. They have a great many contributors. People like Bruce Chard - considered one of the best guides fishing the Lower Florida Keys as well as Capt. Joel Dickey.  These folks share all they know via well produced videos easily accessed on YouTube.

That is the spirit of Gink and Gasoline - share the experience and bring the dream to you!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pocket Fly Rod - Fish Anywhere

Tenkara Pocket Fly Rod

I never thought of purchasing a Tenkara rod until now.  The Tenkara Rod Company has come up with a 2 ounce rod (with leader) and very compact.  You can fit it in your breast pocket and know one would know.  

The Mini Teton extends to 12' and the Mini Sawtooth is 10'.  They come with leader, line, sock and fly.

Impressive! I may just get one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fishing False Albacore off of NC

Guide to Fishing False Albacore Off of NC Coast

This is one type of Fly Fishing that I would like to do.  I talked to a guide, Capt Andrew Campbell, who regularly fishes the Cape Lookout, NC  area and he has recommended October as the hot month to Fly Fish for Albies.  

Call Andrew at 804-658-8297 or email

Below is one of Andrew's clients after a successful 45 minute fight!  Looks like he had fun...

Here is a great article on how to do it.

Saltwater Fishing Expert

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Charlotte Harbor - Reds

Some Big Reds Coming Out of Charlotte Harbor

From Flats Pirate Angling

These Captains are fishing the backwater for some excellent Red Fish out of Charlotte Harbor - Gulf Islands, Florida.  Seems like a great place!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Blues plus Exceptional Dragon Fly

Sunday Morning Blues

Wish I was doing this on Sunday Morning. Need to plan the weekends better than I have been.  It's already cold in Denmark.....#ucking nice fish....

Exceptional Dragon Fly

I was mesmerized by this video by Marcelo Morales of a large Dragon Fly.  Doesn't look to too difficult (like the background music too). Results are exceptional...